Who we are

Onur and Ozan, the Kumpi founders


Friends and business partners Onur and Ozan have owned a successful international creative agency in Bournemouth since 2010. At the back of their minds, they have long been harbouring the idea to bring a little-known Turkish street food to the UK.

Knowing the Brits’ love for the jacket potato, they were sure that a version of traditional kumpir, refined and sexed up for the British palate would go down a storm.

2020 may not seem like the most auspicious time to embark on a new venture, but somehow, the stars aligned and Kumpi was born.

“We are so proud to be able to finally bring our idea to life, and really hope you enjoy your taste of Kumpi!”

Our vision

Our primary aim is to provide the ultimate at-home dining experience with innovative and flavoursome baked potato dishes.

We are dedicated to supporting British businesses and suppliers. Our potatoes come from a family-run farm and our bottled water comes from the New Forest.

Our packaging has been carefully thought out to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. In order to reduce waste, we give our customers the option to choose bamboo cutlery only if they need it. It is a sad fact that biodegradable packaging costs more, but we would rather pay that extra cost to be a more sustainable business.

Our vision for the future is to expand Kumpi, opening local branches and franchises and spreading love of the next-level baked potatoes nationwide.